6 Ways to Create Healthy Boundaries

6 Ways to Create Healthy Boundaries

We as humans are always in the process of becoming.

Ever second of the day we become older, changing and adapting to the trials and triumphs of life. Our bodies physically evolve as we reach the milestones throughout the ages, our minds and thoughts are altered with the choices we make and the experiences we have.
We begin to learn through the wisdom of growth, that time and energy is sacred, and should be viewed as a currency or exchange and not as a resource to be discarded in the buzz of our busy lives. 
Setting healthy boundaries creates clear expectations and establishes what behaviour we expect from others and what others can expect from us. Before we can even begin to implement boundaries in our lives, we must identify our limits and value ourselves, truly believing that we are worthy (because we are!). Boundaries can invite harmony in, reducing the potential for emotional overwhelm and burnout. 

How to create healthy boundaries


1. First acknoweldge your limits and know your worth

Stillness instigates reflection, which is one of the most powerful things we can do for our health. When we reflect and truly tune in to our ourselves without all the noise of life, we are able to gain awareness and understanding of our needs.
What is depleting your valuable time and energy?
Where do you feel discomfort?
Are you allowing toxic people/places into your life? (work/relationships)
This first step can be difficult for some and may require additional support in the form of energy workers, kinesiologists, counsellors or psychologists.
Begin here and see what comes up.

2.   Bring that awareness into your daily life

Once you have acknowledged your limits, begin to become more aware of how you're responding and showing up in your life.  Recognising how you feel in the moment, can influence a more conscious flow of actions. Perhaps you say no to a certain situation or change your phrasing to maintain professionalism in your workplace.
Recognise and adapt.

3.  Communicate

It is your responsibility to have clear, consistent communication around your boundaries. This enforces the boundary and opens up dialogue to ensure everyone is on the same page. It shouldn't be confrontational, as long as your are assertive and intentional with your words. 

4. Allocate time away from technology

We are surrounded by technology in our modern society. With a click of the button we have the ability to access information, communicate with people far and wide, build a business, purchase goods, we can do all this from a device. This kind of connection is actually causing disconnect and affecting our health, not only socially, but emotionally and also physically. There is such a term called 'technostress' or digital fatigue, which can be attributed not only to the overconsumption of information we are receiving, but also the blue light emitted from our devices. Blue light can interfere with our circadian rhythm (sleep - wake cycle), interfering with our energy levels and sleep. Technology is a part of our lives, but we must be mindful of our usage to develop real life healthy relationships with others and ourselves. 

5. Protect your energy

Maybe you know a certain person who drains your energy, or perhaps you're in a job where you're in high demand and constantly communicating with others. Maybe you work in health care where you're constantly giving to others, or you might even just hate speaking in front of people. All of these scenarios can drain your time and energy, which is why it is helpful to have a protection practice in place.
Consider implementing this visualisation before your energy giving scenario:
  • Close your eyes and visualise that you are in a bubble of a colour of your choice. 
  • In this bubble imagine how you want to feel in this situation e.g. confident, calm, assertive. 
  • Now picture the other person/ people in their own bubble of a different colour. 
  • These colours cannot overlap, they are seperate colours and so are your energies. 
  • Imagine your body from the feet up, being gently painted with your chosen colour and hold onto this feeling as you move forward into your scenario. 

6. Continue to advocate for yourself

Showing up for yourself is carving space and time out for stillness and reflection to understand your worth and what you deserve. 
BODY online course is all about self reflection and creating stillness to uncover your true self. We invite you to explore this offering to help you on your way to creating healthy boundaries in your life.
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