Tolle Totum

- latin for treat the WHOLE person.

TØTUM was founded by Naturopaths with a purpose to inspire change in the way individuals connect with their bodies and understand holistic health.

TØTUM was born through the purpose of two qualified Naturopaths, Hunna Armstrong and Katherine Bibby, with a goal to inspire change in the way individuals view their bodies and health. 

Hunna & Katherine’s driving motivation is to offer services that focus on education, to provide people with foundational skills to benefit their lives long term. The core values of TØTUM are to promote awareness of holistic education and health with authenticity, integrity and transparency.



Naturopathy Consultations

Hunna and Katherine have both acquired a Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine qualifications, with special interests in treating: 

I. Skin conditions
II. Mood imbalance
III. Gut health
IV. Woman's health & hormones 
V. Restoring the relationship with food
VI. Immune health

Work with us

We are passionate about working with likeminded small businesses and brands.  

Collaborations & Service offerings:

I. Naturopathic consultations

II. Holistic content creation and copy - print & online articles

III. Group workshops

IV. Educational presentations 

V. Balanced meal & recipe creation 

VI. Podcast interviews 


For collaborations & workshop enquiries please contact us directly at: