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Social Media & Technology Stress

In this journal we explore the growing impact of social media and technology use on our stress response, and how we can use simple tools to reduce its impact on our health and mental wellbeing.

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The Keto diet - Understanding the health risks

      The dieting world is not a space we find ourselves sitting comfortably in, so we are dedicating a series of journal entries to unpacking common diets and the impact they have on our health. The Ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet is a high fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrate diet which originally was designed in the 1920s for treatment of refractory (uncontrollable) epilepsy. The understanding of its mechanism of action for this condition is incomplete, however theories suggest that it plays a role in modifying neurotransmitter function, neuronal metabolism and excitability, reducing seizure frequency. Since then the diet has also been explored for its use in weight loss and diabetes, cancer and neurological conditions, yet there is a...

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