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How can Naturopathy support you?

Naturopathy is a holistic health service that allows you to understand and deeply connect to your body so that you can make impactful changes to your health. We love supporting a range of areas including skin issues, hormonal imbalance, digestive complaints, fatigue and mental wellbeing.




Our therapeutic products focus on delivering a potent blend of herbs and nutrients to achieve results with your health. We value the quality of every ingredient in our blends to guarantee safe, clean and effective support.

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Holistic Manual Bundle

The Holistic Manual bundle includes Naturopathic education on the foundational pillars that support our health holistically. We explore the body in its entirety and understand the deep impact of the mind-body connection on our health and wellbeing. 


+ 116 page educational eBook

+ Online reflective work book

+ Recipe book

+ Meal guides + shopping lists



“Resilience has completely transformed my sleep and gut problems. My skin is glowing and I haven't had any bloating since taking it everyday! I love it and recommend it to all my friends and family!”



"I am so, so grateful for Resilience. Not only has it wiped out my high anxiety and my fatigue issues its had several other obersvable benefits. My skin is clear and it glows, I'm energised and my digestion is greatly improved. I'll definitely be a lifetime buyer and consumer of Resilience powder. Thanks Totum!"

— A.P.


"Resilience is the best product ever, a go to magnesium combo with added healing benefits from all the beautiful, supportive and nourishing ingredients. My partner absolutely loves this at night time to help soothe his body and mind! A big thank you for creating this".

— Clair. W


"Very neutral taste compared to other gut products I have tried. Have noticed reduced bloating after using for only a short period. Would recommend".

— Olivia. L