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The Nature of Skin

   Supportive Skincare  You may have heard of the term 'supportive skin care' thrown around here and there, however it may not mean what you initially think it means.  Supportive skincare isn't about purchasing skincare products, or manipulating the skins appearance. It's instead a philosophy based on working alongside (not against) the skins natural functioning to optimise its health. The skin is already equipped with all the mechanisms of action we seek from our mainstream skincare products and procedures.  As Naturopaths, we are always looking at the underlying reasons as to why the skin is responding in a certain way. It's always important to understand that the body sends signs in the form of symptoms, to inform us that something isn't right. We...

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6 Ways to Create Healthy Boundaries

      We as humans are always in the process of becoming.   Ever second of the day we become older, changing and adapting to the trials and triumphs of life. Our bodies physically evolve as we reach the milestones throughout the ages, our minds and thoughts are altered with the choices we make and the experiences we have. We begin to learn through the wisdom of growth, that time and energy is sacred, and should be viewed as a currency or exchange and not as a resource to be discarded in the buzz of our busy lives.  Setting healthy boundaries creates clear expectations and establishes what behaviour we expect from others and what others can expect from us. Before...

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