Four steps to managing an anxious mind

Four steps to managing an anxious mind
Some individuals have more of a tendency towards experiencing anxiety than others, yet it is still a feeling that ALL of us can have, whether it be conscious or unconscious, debilitating or have a minor impact on our lives. 

Anxiety is one of our bodies natural responses to stress. It can be driven by circumstances and coupled with emotions such as apprehension, anticipation and excitability. Or it can come from a deeper place, extending from our emotions of fear, doubt or guilt. 


Where do you start?

1. Identify the driver to your anxiety

This can be tricky and for some it can take time to reveal the 'why' behind the anxiety and stress. We often recommend working alongside a qualified practitioner who can support you whilst you work through your why. 


When you understand the 'why' and your triggers to anxiety, you are able to begin to work on strategies to manage it.


2. Accept the emotion

The more you suppress or avoid the way you feel, the harder it will be to identify your 'why'. The emotion can build up in your body and wreak havoc on a physical level when not expressed. Maybe it presents itself on your face in the form of acne or you experience digestive issues. Your body will show physical signs of imbalance which is important to listen to. 

Its ok to feel this way. 

We are human, capable of feeling a range of emotions.

Allow it, accept it, release it, and grow through it. 


3. Develop a morning ritual

The way you begin your day can have a dramatic impact on how the day plays out. 

Opening the day with rituals can support healthy habits and re-program unhealthy thought patterns. 


  • Gently stretch, dance or move your body naturally to stimulate lymphatic flow and wake up the body.
  • Put pen to paper and write an intention for the day. 
  • Consider breath work & meditation to ground yourself. 
  • Soak up the morning sun with a warm beverage.


4. Invigorate your soul with nature

You live in your head when you feel anxious and stressed. Nature can teach us that there is more to life then what is happening in our own little worlds. It can take our breath away with its beauty and wonder. Hiking a mountain, heading to a waterfall or going for a bushwalk, can take you out of your mind and reconnect you with the natural world and what really matters. 



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