6 plant medicines for stress

6 plant medicines for stress

“In some Native languages the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

As Naturopaths we utilise the powers of plant medicine to support the body during times of stress, emotional overwhelm, and exhaustion.

When working with herbal medicine we take into consideration the individual person, the presenting signs and symptoms, as well as the specific actions of our plant medicine. Below are some of our most treasured plant medicines to support mental, physical and emotional imbalance. 


6 plant medicines to combat stress, emotional overwhelm & exhaustion



Withania somnifera

origin: India

Withania has a beautiful way of supporting the body through times of stress without overstimulating the nervous system and provides gentle support for anxiety and insomnia. Withania also has an affinity with the immune system which makes it the perfect match for someone feeling mentally or physically stressed, fatigued and run down.



Ocimum tenuiflorum Tulsi

origin: India

As an adaptogen Tulsi works alongside the body to modulate the stress response and reduce the negative impact of physical and mental stress. Tulsi also enhances physical endurance, increases energy availability and helps support healthy blood sugar balance (something which can be heavily impacted by long term stress).



Passiflora incarnata 

origin: South America 

Passionflower works within the nervous system to increase GABA a calming neurotransmitter, making it a powerful herb to reduce feelings of anxiety or nervous tension, and induce a restful state of sleep (at higher doses). Because of its affinity to the cardiovascular system, Passionflower is also supportive for individuals suffering from anxiety induced high blood pressure, heart palpitations, tachycardia or a tight chest.



Matricaria chamomilla 

origin: West Asia & Europe 

Chamomile is specific for supporting the GUT:BRAIN axis which is the communication pathway between our brain and our digestive system. Chamomile is perfect for soothing that upset stomach you get when you are feeling upset or stressed, calming down irritability and nervous tension, and gently inducing sleep.


Lemon balm

Melissa officinalis 

origin: North Africa, West Asia & Europe 

Lemon balm has a tonifying action on the nervous system and cardiovascular system, and is supportive for individuals experiencing anxiety, restlessness, excitability and heart palpitations. Because of its anti-viral action Lemon Balm is a beautiful herb for those who experience flare ups of viral infections when feeling run down and exhausted.


Lavandula officinalis

origin: countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea

One of the most well-known herbs to induce a state of relaxation, Lavender is a gentle, strengthening tonic for the nervous system, used most commonly for insomnia. Because of its anti-spasmodic action on smooth muscles Lavender is also a nice option for anyone suffering from headaches, especially if they are related to stress or exhaustion.


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