Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

How we start our day can be the prelude to its unfolding. Setting aside some time in the morning to centre our mind and body creates space for ourselves to enter a new day with clear intention. 

Use our morning ritual below as a guide to creating your own.


Bring awareness to your body

When you first wake, take 3 deep breaths and with eyes opened, notice how you feel within yourself today. Stretch your arms above your head, curl your toes, turn your head from side to side and carefully rise into a new day. 
Duration: 5 minutes

Avoid technology

Make a point of not checking your technology including your phone, laptop or television for at least half an hour after waking. You may have to adjust your alarm clock so that you allow this time for yourself. 

Ground yourself

Make your way to a comfortable space, sitting on a cushion or yoga mat. Ensure this space is somewhere you will be uninterrupted for at least 5 minutes. Take this time to do your chosen breathing or meditation practice. Alternatively, simply sit in silence and breathe deeply. Noticing the rise and fall of your belly as you inhale and exhale, as well as any thoughts or feelings that may surface. 
Duration: 5-10 minutes

Set your intention

Slowly rise and make yourself a small mug of freshly squeezed lemon or 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in warm water to kick start your digestion for the day.
Ensure to make enough boiling water to fill another cup for a calming Ground Me herbal tea, coffee or cacao (whatever your morning preference). Take your beverage and in a journal or notebook write down your intention for the day. For example,
"To assert my needs and open my heart"

Follow this intention with a daily 'To do list', if you like. 
Duration: 15 Minutes

Nourish your body

Make yourself a nourishing, warming breakfast when you’re hungry. Chew your food well, taking note of it's textures, taste, and how it makes you feel.


Aim to get some sunshine on your skin before you begin your days work. This could be as simple as eating your breakfast outside/by the window, or going for a walk outdoors.  


Begin your daily work. 

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