Conversations with Caitlyn Everett - Sunday Lane

Conversations with Caitlyn Everett - Sunday Lane
Our first introduction to Sunday Lane was through one of our local boutiques Prae Store. Lovers of astrology, we would stop to read our Zodiac woman print (Hunna – Sagitarius Woman & Katherine – Cancer Woman) and find ourselves deeply relating to the words written by the beautiful Caitlyn Everett.

From what started as a personal project, Caitlyn has evolved Sunday Lane into a global business. Her designs can be found all over the world, and her online store stocks not only her prints, but a thoughtfully curated selection of goods from local and international makers.

Between running her small business, being a mother, and renovating her dream family home Caitlyn generously took the time to be a part of our interview series. Here she shares with us a piece of her personal self, as well as some valuable business wisdom. 


What is your full name and star sign (sun, moon & rising)?

Caitlyn Everett

I am a proud Sagittarius. My moon is in Leo and Aquarius rising. 


How do you spend your working days?

My days are mostly filled with organised chaos and I wear so many hats, I am a buyer, planner, creator. My weeks are a blend, or maybe more appropriately a battle between working in, and working on the business. A constant juggle. I find inspiration mostly at night once my son is in bed so it's always a little slow to start in the mornings and then a day of emails, orders, website updates, communications, new projects, right up until midnight. 


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

This life we are building. The opportunities that Sunday Lane has brought me creatively and the chance to create something I am passionately proud of. 


In life and in work, where do you draw most of your inspiration?

One inspires the other. Some of my writing comes from research, and hours of practice, other pieces are my own experience. The Morning Sun, my favourite from the Narratives, I wrote when I was pregnant with my now 2 year old son. It flowed freely from me, it was natural, effortless. Burn was for one of my closest friends and most of everything else I do is what is already inside of me. 

Otherwise, artists, creatives, photography, like-minded women and a desire to create and surround myself with beautiful things. 


Rituals are something we are drawn to in our daily lives. Do you have something you do everyday for yourself?

A long shower at night. It's my therapy.


Who is your favourite artist, and why or how does their work move you?

I'm sure every creative can relate when I say it changes almost weekly. Right now it is Hannah Thornhill from Two Thirds Honey, Vianca Soleil, Niah Mcleod and beautiful brands like Ziah and Worn Store.


Sunday Lane began as a personal project and organically expanded into a global business. What has been one of the biggest personal learning’s for you throughout this process?

To be kinder to myself. Still, 3 years on, I often doubt my work, or myself, my talents and over analyse. I've created a business built on cultivating self love, and I will tell a friend, even a stranger how deeply they should love themselves, trust their process. I am still learning that. 


Your words and images connect deeply with women all around the world. Where did your fascination with astrology begin? And have you always worked in the design industry?

I did study design in college, I worked in home interiors and had a few small businesses over a few years. Looking back I was probably always drawn that way but nothing really 'clicked' for me until Sunday Lane. Nothing was overly easy or came to me naturally. That's probably why I never felt full. In the beginning I wasn't drawn to astrology specifically but more so the idea of a powerful universe that had its own plan for me. To find meaning underneath heavy inner uncertainties and inspire purpose. I found that in being a powerful, romantic Sagittarius. 


What is your number one tip for overcoming a creative block?

Remove yourself from your work, your task or project. Fresh eyes will make a world of difference.


Your most treasured - item, place, and time?

My most adored treasures are my wedding rings, the 1920's original workers home we are renovating at the Sunshine Coast and all of the future times we will have together, growing a family there. 


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