Conversations with Nick Perry - Holistic Life Coach

Conversations with Nick Perry - Holistic Life Coach

Nick Perry is a holistic lifestyle coach and body worker, offering coaching sessions and workshops through his business Rhythm Health. We first met Nick when practicing at the same shared space for holistic practitioners, and instantly fell into transparent and open conversation with such ease. Nicks energy and passion for his work is inspiring, and we are moved and excited to see such a strong male force in the holistic health industry, creating space for other men to explore and become empowered.

We were so grateful to be gifted with such insightful and thoughtful words from Nick, as he answers our questions whilst on the road travelling Australia.


What is your full name and star sign?

Nicholas Perry & Capricorn


How do you spend your working days?

The days I’m working I’ll get up early and spend time checking in with myself and centring my energy. That will look different based on what my needs are on the day. Sometimes it’s movement outdoors, Qi Gong, ocean swims, or just a wriggle on the floor. Other days it’s journaling, processing and chanting different sounds & mantras. It can be a bit of both, all of the above or something arbitrary. Whatever the means, it’s important to me to find my centre so I can be present with my clients in a way I can hear their words, read their signals, feel their energy and support them effectively.

So that’s how I spend the start of the day – then once things are rolling I’ll usually space out sessions so I get time between each client to ‘reset’. I like finding a rhythm and momentum in my working days, and I structure it with breaks and meal times (because low blood sugar makes for a shitty day).

I always prioritise a practice to ground and balance at the end of the day so I’m not carrying any energy or story that isn’t my own. This is something I’ve learned to do out of necessity and experience over the years.


What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Life itself. I like living, moving and grooving. The joy, the mystery as well as the pain and despair of the human experience both intrigue and inspire me. Getting in to nature is what really pulls me out of bed though. I love the bush, the beach and just vibing with the natural ecosystem I’m in. I’m a surfer, so there’s always a wave to hunt and weather pattern to witness. I want to be in the world.


In life and in work, where do you draw most of your inspiration?

In work, I have had and continue to have mentors that train me, role model, and inspire. I’ve always sought out and learned off highly experienced healers and practitioners. Being in the presence of their mastery and seeing them facilitate transformation for individuals and groups inspires me to no end. When I see these people work from a place of authenticity, integrity and true love, I get a rush of inspiration. There’s a lot of shadow and bullshit getting around the health and wellness industry these days - so it’s experience, deep integrity and courage that really lights my fire.

In life – well that’s a huge question because so much inspires me. The concept of infinite potential is something I believe in and ponder often. Anyone or anything exploring and expressing their potential inspires me. Athletes, musicians and people who serve their community really grab my attention. My partner is someone who inspires me greatly and pushes me to step further into my own potential. I get a lot of inspiration from wise spiritual teachers like Ram Dass, Anthony Demello, Alan Watts and Paul Check (to name a few of a very long list).


Rituals are something we are drawn to in our daily lives. Do you have something you do everyday for yourself?

I have a few – but 2 I’ll name are:

  • Morning Check in. Before getting out of bed I take a moment to listen to my thoughts and feel my feels. I make a point of activating a state of confidence and gratitude in my being. I do this because it’s very easy (and typically autonomous) to dredge up the past and recreate it in the present. I’m committed to facing forward in life, not backwards. Easier said than done, but a worthwhile effort if you ask me.
  • Water. First thing that goes in to me each day, without fail, is high quality water. A ritual I zealously endorse.


If you could change one thing about your industry what would it be?

A greater level of congruency and accountability from those preaching it.


Who is your favourite artist, and why or how does their work move you?

Too many to distil down to one! I will say that musicians and musical artistry moves me on the daily. I’ll choose music to either match my energy (amplifying and growing it) or shift my energy (into a different state and vibe). I like most musical genres but hip-hop is up there in the top 3. Nas is my favourite artist and this debut album ‘Illmatic’ gets me in the right vibe.

I also have many friends who are incredible painters and tattoo artists. I love watching them dream up and create masterpiece after masterpiece. Their dedication and passion to their art has been something that has influenced my own growth process in my profession. I remember many years ago, the day before working with my first client I was soo damn nervous. I spoke to my dear friend Josh Stooks (an amazing artist and tattooer) and asked about the first tattoo he did as an apprentice. He gave me a serious laugh and powerful words of encouragement. I can only imagine the pressure that comes with putting something permanent on someone’s skin! His dedication, passion and consistency in mastering his craft inspires me to stay honest and continue sharpening my own sword.


Your most treasured - item, place, and time?

I’m a really nostalgic person – my most treasured time (where I hold beautiful memories) is childhood, maybe 5 years old, just a little boy climbing trees in my front yard.

Favourite item – Surfboard/Bodyboard (I just got back from an incredible morning of surfing a remote reef in South Australia)

Favourite place – I’m currently travelling Australia and have been the past 7 months. I have 1000 new favourite places. Not that I’ve made it there this trip, but Tasmania is up there with one of my fav places of all time.


Was there a defining moment in your life that led you onto the path of becoming a holistic life coach? 

Yep. I didn’t know it at the time, but the catalyst for my journey and initiation was when my Dad got extremely sick in 2009. It disillusioned me and my perception and relationship I had with reality at the time. It woke me up and sent me packing, looking for answers, searching for something more.


The holistic health industry is often dominated by women, which is why we love to see a male paving the way for other men to become more intune with their emotions & their health. In your experience working with men so far, what is something you have learnt and some of the barriers that men face when achieving holistic health?

So one thing I’ve learned in my own personal process, and experience working with others in the field of Men’s work, is that Men need Men. There’s something only a Man can offer another Man. ‘Iron sharpens Iron’. To grow as a Man you need to have healthy relationships with Men.

One of the greatest barriers Men face in achieving holistic health is the feeling of ‘shame’. Self-Shaming is prolific. And the emotion of shame plays tricks; it plays mind games. It causes Men to play small and hold back from their desires and explore their potential.  


Let’s talk about sex! 

Such a neglected area of health, yet an integral part of the human experience. You collaborate with your partner, Juliet Allen to create workshops to support individuals achieve sexual health. Why do you think this area of our health is neglected in society and what action do you think needs to be enforced to create change? 

I honestly believe this area of health is neglected because of the ‘S’ word again. ‘Shame’.

Our society’s values system is archaic. We live under a values system that is heavily influenced by religious values; namely Christianity, which holds a highly conservative and fear based perception of Sex. From the get go, conversations about sex are supressed, judged and avoided. People are typically scared and ashamed to talk about sex and it is passed on generation to generation. We see this exemplified in how ‘awkward’ the majority of people feel when children ask questions about sex and reproduction. Children aren’t awkward – adults are – and so the taboo is passed down and the dysfunctions that brings, continues. 

Change comes from awareness first and foremost. We need to have an honest look at where we are at individually and culturally when it comes to Sex.  Then re-education can come forward to be explored and integrated. If you would like to broaden your awareness and educate yourself more in the area of Sex and Sexuality – I highly recommend my partners Podcast: The Authentic Sex Podcast with Juliet Allen.  


As small business owners our personal lives often become entangled in our business. What business values are most important to you that you see translating into your daily life?

Congruency, Accountability, Balance, Connection. These are pillars that are of high value in my business and equally prioritised in my day to day life. 


What is a piece of advice you have been given in life that you could pass on to our readers? 

Don’t take life too seriously – especially your self-development journey! Fun and Joy need to be chosen and prioritised.

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