Lessons to Learn from Earths Expressions.

Lessons to Learn from Earths Expressions.

We are beings of fluidity and transition, constantly evolving to the next stage of life and flowing with our natural progression. As we move through the years and the changing seasons, we adapt to our environment and its elements, experiencing the emotions of earths expression.

We are a species surrounded by man-made technology, artificial lights and stimulus, often forgetting that nature is our home and we are nature. The purpose is to not outsmart her, but to be within her, work alongside her and look after her, as this is essentially caring for our wellbeing as well.

Reconnecting to our mother, a place in which we have been blessed to roam and experience life through our bodies, is reconnecting with our true selves.

Our mother earths expression through the elements can teach us about ourselves, allowing us to experience all that it is to be human and reminding us that we are a part of something bigger then the vessel that we walk in. 


Lessons to learn from earths expressions.


Lessons to learn from the breeze

A gust of wind or howling breeze can stir discomfort within us which allows for the flow of thought and hard conversations to be brought to the surface.

A cool gentle breeze can offer relief from inner torment or negative, unwanted burdens placed on self or by others. 


Lessons to learn from the sun

The blistering heat of the midday sun works to form water beads of sweat on our skin, the protective layer to our internal selves in an attempt to detoxify our inner woes.

We can find solace in the gentle beams of golden light where warmth keeps us safe, knowing we are open to adventure and play if we seek it.


Lessons to learn from the rain

A constant downpour of rain can flood us with emotions, keeping us floating in an ocean of despair or darkness.

Rain drops can fall like tears from the sky, releasing blockages to promote growth and filling our nourishment cup.


Instead of working against the elements and suppressing the natural flux of emotions that make us human, we should embrace the lessons from the earth and seek guidance and support if needed to wade out the difficult times.


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