Evening Rituals

Evening Rituals
Your day has ended.
Whatever has happened throughout has passed and you’re now in the current moment and the comfort of your own space.
Rituals create time and moments.
Consider implementing an evening ritual of your own to unwind, bring you back to the present and ground you in the now.
The following is a guide to one of our favourite evening rituals.


Take a moment to sit in stillness and notice your body

Place yourself in a comfortable space where you can be alone for a minute.

Ask yourself questions like...
What phase of my menstrual cycle am I in? – this can indicate your body’s needs.


Move your body

Depending on its needs, move your body for at least 10 minutes.

Do I need grounding?

Movement: Yoga, meditation or breathing exercises

Do I feel stagnant?

Movement: Yoga, pilates or stretching

Have I got extra energy to burn? Is it anxious energy?

Movement: Yoga, pilates, fast walk in nature


Nourishment - Cook dinner with intention

Set your space.
Put on your favourite music and light some candles.
Cook with a loved one or choose to treat yourself.

Before you eat take one deep breath in and have gratitude.


“I am grateful for this meal and all the medicinal nourishment it will provide me to fuel my body and soothe my digestive system. 

I have gratitude.” 

Nourish your body with seasonal wholefoods - chew your food slowly to notice the taste and textures.


Switch off

Turn off all technology one hour prior to bed.
Dedicate this time to unwinding and preparing the body for restorative sleep.



Take a cup of Ground Me tea and your journal to a quiet space and reflect on your day. Sign off with three things that you are grateful for in that moment.



Set your space.
Light candles and choose your scent and sound - incense or essential oil in a burner or diffuser, calming music or silence.
Place your legs up on the wall and close your eyes for at least 10 minutes of deep breathing and stillness.

Enjoy this moment with yourself.


 Photography: HYŌSHI FILM

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