Mellow Essential Oil

Mellow Essential Oil

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  • Lavender

  • Cedarwood

  • Sweet Orange


Aromatherapy has been intuitively used in ancient civilisations for thousands of years to heal a number of ailments. Within our modern world, advances in technology and research has allowed us to understand how this therapy works on the human brain and emotions. It is via the olfactory system (smell) that essential oils provide their greatest benefits. When inhaled, essential oils interact with receptor cells in the nose, which transmit signals to different parts of the brain activating the central nervous system. It is here that chemicals like serotonin, endorphin and noradrenalin are released to exhibit the desired affects found in our calming and balancing oils.

The organic oils within our Mellow essential oil blend have been selected to bring about balance during times of stress. The combination of lavender and cedar wood assists to calm the mind and sooth nervous tension, and the addition of sweet orange oil uplifts the blend to enhance mood and vitality.

We take care in the selection of our oils to ensure they are pure, organic and abundant with therapeutic value.



Place 2-3 drops of Mellow in a diffuser, oil burner or bathtub to provide additional aromatic support to calm your space and your nervous system.

Place 2-3 drops of Mellow into a bowl of boiled, pure water and position your face just above the water. Place a towel over your head to trap the steam and volatile oils produced from Mellow, and breathe in through the nose deeply. This will decongest the lungs, provide benefits for your skin and support clarity of mind and relaxation.

Place 2-3 drops of Mellow in 1/2 tsp of carrier oil (coconut, avocado, sweet almond oil, olive oil) and apply to temples, back of the neck and wrists, acting as a natural perfume and alleviating tension throughout the day.

Place 2-3 drops of Mellow onto your pillow to induce and optimise a quality and calming sleep.

Place 2-3 drops of Mellow into a 25ml spray bottle filled with pure water and spritz over your body throughout the day to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

Please refer to safety information for cautions and contraindications.



At TØTUM we are mindful of our impact on the environment, and endeavour to where we can, minimise it. We place importance on packaging that can be either re-used or recycled, and encourage our customers to find a new purpose for their packaging once they have enjoyed its contents.

Our essential oil bottles can be recycled. Ensure to check with your local recycling program for whether or not the lids can be included when recycling.

Before re-purposing your bottle, clean and remove the label by soaking the bottle overnight in hot soapy water. The next day allow the bottles to steep for an extra few hours in a water and tea tree oil mixture. Pull off the label and scrub off any residue. Allow to air dry.

Our 5ml essential oil bottles are the perfect size to re-purpose into travel sized personal care products such as a DIY facial toner.