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Natural Health Products - A focus on maltodextrin

The process of formulating a supplement for the ever expanding wellness industry was something completely foreign to us when we first began designing and manufacturing our product, Resilience. Although Australia has some of the highest standards for food and supplement manufacturing, the path to understanding ingredients, process, and labelling was not without its grey areas or rabbit holes. Which is where we first came across maltodextrin. Essentially maltodextrin is a processed and refined starch originating from foods such as corn, potato, tapioca, wheat or rice. Due to its ability to easily dissolve in water it is a popular choice for supplement and food companies to enhance the flavour and texture of products, improve their shelf life, or combine with natural...

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Simple ways to maintain your connection to nature during isolation

'Naturalist intelligence' was first coined by researcher and psychologist Howard Gardner in his 2006 book, Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Therapy and Practice. Gardner explores in his writing the notion that the human being does not just possess intellectual intelligence, but rather has 8 different identified intelligences; visual/spacial, linguistic/verbal, interpersonal, interpersonal, logical/mathematical, musical, bodily/kinaesthetic, and naturalistic.  Naturalist intelligence can be best described as, "the ability to use the human brain to engage in sensory awareness, and observe patterns in living systems". Individuals with developed naturalistic intelligence tend to have a deeper bond with their environment, and be more in tune with subtle changes to the environment. Such individuals engage with the environment with curiosity, empathy, and respect. They wish to understand and...

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Lessons to Learn from Earths Expressions.

Photography by Channa-Mae Frankson for the ‘Wholesome series’. Models: Johanna & Josie Zavidil   We are beings of fluidity and transition, constantly evolving to the next stage of life and flowing with our natural progression. As we move through the years and the changing seasons, we adapt to our environment and its elements, experiencing the emotions of earths expression. We are a species surrounded by man-made technology, artificial lights and stimulus, often forgetting that nature is our home and we are nature. The purpose is to not outsmart her, but to be within her, work alongside her and look after her, as this is essentially caring for our wellbeing as well. Reconnecting to our mother, a place in which we...

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