TØTUM is latin for ‘whole’ or ‘all’. Our name originates from one of the founding Naturopathic principles, Tolle Totum, which means to treat the whole person. 

Our main focus for starting TØTUM, and our continual motivation is to provide a platform for individuals to access informed holistic health advice, as well as to spread the message of connection - which unfortunately we feel has been seemingly lost within our modern world. This connection relates specifically to the deep relationship existing between the body, the being, community & the environment.  

As Naturopaths we so often see the negative influence that stress in all its forms (psychological, emotional, and physical) has on this sacred connection. We are as human beings continuously exposed to daily stressors, whether that may be directly through our personal lives, or exposure to wider global issues and trauma. This stress if un-managed can play a major role in the development of chronic physical health imbalances. 
Since the launch of TØTUM we have been developing, testing and adapting a way in which to best offer this understanding and knowledge to our online community.
We could not be more excited to be bringing you our first online course & subscription box:

Managing stress, anxiety & emotional imbalance to support overall health and wellbeing. 

This two month foundational course has a focus on the mental/emotional self and the connections that existing between these areas of wellbeing and the rest of the body. 
Throughout the two months with us you will..
  • Learn how to identify the impact of stress and emotional imbalance on the physical body & understand the root cause of health imbalance.
  • Gain insight, understanding & awareness of your body as a whole, and how best to support it through holistic practices. 
  • Deeply consider & understand our connection to nature and how we can best support and promote a more sustainable world.
  • Aquire Naturopathic tools & techniques to support your overall health and wellbeing long-term. 

Our online course & subscription box focuses on holistic education and Naturopathic support. It includes..

  • Two month supply of our therapeutic products targeted at holistically supporting the body and relieving stress. 
  • Monthly educational eBooks
  • Weekly video lessons with TØTUM Naturopaths 
  • Guided yoga, pilates, meditation and deep breathing classes
  • Guided home study with a physical copy of your own workbook
  • Progress check-ins and support with TØTUM Naturopaths 


Our intention for this course is to provide you with a foundational tool kit of holistic health knowledge that you can carry with you as you move through life. It is an opportunity for reflection, self-work, growth and change. We hope our course not only benefits you as an individual, but supports a positive flow on effect within community and the wider environment. 

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